It was a pleasure to work with Executive Pastry Chef in Edinburgh's Balmoral Hotel. We collaborated on the culinary and creative arts within the Kitchens where Ross makes some of the best pastry work in the UK. We focused to show some of the beauty and artistry within the kitchen.

Aye Chef 

Short Drama

I wanted to see if it was possible to tell a more condensed story that the one above.
I edited the story down to a simple and faster storyline that I felt was more enjoyable to watch and kept things punchier. 
Also, I wanted to tell a story without dialouge so that anyone from anywhere could enjoy it. 


Casa to Casa

(Home to Home)

Short Documentary

This if my first documentary and first video I ever filmed, edited, planned and worked on.

I'm proud of it as my first leap into storry telling and film making.
I learned a lot on this project and I love the process of experiancing a story.